NYMDX stands for Nitai Integrated Medical Digital experience. It is designed to bring Doctors, Patients, Pharmacists collaborate closely together to improve the health of all.



About Nitai Partners

Nitai Partners is a firm based out of Pittsburgh, PA specializing in building user friendly Digital Portals, Mobile Applications, Cloud Based BI Solutions, Analytical Applications and Database Management Solutions. Nitai Partners builds solutions that help businesses increase revenues and reduce costs. Nitai Partners supports social causes in India especially related to social empowerment, and Children Health & Nutrition. Our goal is to serve social causes in every country that we work in. In US, Nitai Partners supports food distribution programs to homeless through various charities and organizations.


Inspiration behind NYMDX

(from Aditya Satsangi, CEO):

We are inspired to bring a qualitative change to millions of healthcare providers in developing countries. There are millions of people in the developing countries like India who are not able to maintain good health because of not able to reach a doctor in time. There have been cases where a terminal disease is discovered at the last stage, when a doctor can’t help much. With the advancement of technology, it is possible to be connected to your doctor securely at anytime of day. This application will hopefully fill that vacuum and integrate Doctor, Patient and Pharmacist more closely together. This application will empower doctors to take a proactive control of patient’s health thereby improving the quality of healthcare. This application will also empower a patient to securely stay connected with their doctor and exchange relevant diagnostic information. This application helps patients to securely collaborate with doctors. This cloud and mobile-based application will help population living in rural areas, smaller cities to connect with good doctor communities from large metropolitan cities. We have given special economic incentives to Doctors serving rural communities. Finally, this application is dedicated to my mother whom I lost in 2014 to a fatal disease and also to all mothers.


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About Us


NYMDX stands for Nitai Integrated Medical Digital eXperience. It is designed to bring Doctors, Patients, Pharmacists collaborate closely together to improve the health of all.


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