A Complete Healthcare Solution


A complete solution for your practice whether you are with one doctor or multiple doctors. NYMDX is designed to grow with your practice and to your practice globally.

NYMDX provides you the scalability along with affordability without compromising on Quality, Innovation and Automation.

NYMDX gives you an analytical engine to fine-tune your operations with the power of Data.

Designed to run on Cloud, Mobile and On-premise, NYMDX offers you flexibility unmatched by any other platform.


Join NYMDX today to grow your practice !


    Doctor’s View


  •  Provide proactive care


  •  Prescribe accurate medication.


  •  Order Lab & Imaging test accurately


  •  Build a global practice

   Patient View


  •  Receive accurate prescriptions


  •  Maintain record of all visits


  •  Maintain all imaging and lab results in one place


  •  Share medical history with other doctors

          and much more, Absolutely FREE !!



    Admin View


  •  Manage Doctor’s Schedules


  • Verify Doctor’s Credentials


  •  Manage Performance of Doctors


  •  Manage Patients


  •  Get Paid Faster


  • Many more features for effective and efficient

         management, Absolutely Free !

    Pharmacist’s View


  •  Administer Accurate Prescriptions to patients


  •  Develop closer relations with Doctors and Patients


  •  Promote your pharmacy globally on NYMDX

Proactive services

Pay as you go

Premium Features

NYMDX is the most complete and Advanced healthcare application to confirm to international standards.

About Us


NYMDX stands for Nitai Integrated Medical Digital eXperience. It is designed to bring Doctors, Patients, Pharmacists collaborate closely together to improve the health of all.


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